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November 02 2014


Want To Live Happy? Rajinlah Fruit and vegetable

In the Middle you now feel unhappy in life, do not merely grieving. Slowly but surely try diligently to get used to eating vegetables and fruit.

Yes, vegetable and  fruit that is known to effectively nourish the body turns out to be also able to make your mood better. It was revealed through research in Australia whose results were announced on Wednesday (22/10/2014).

Results of the research it  resep bubur sumsum lembut dan manis mentions eating lots of fruits and vegetables can make people happier.

A study by the University  Queensland (UQ) involving more than 12,000 participants also concluded consuming eight servings of fruits and vegetables, or more, per day improves mental health.

UQ health economics  resep lidah kucing khas lebaran researcher Dr. Redzo Mujcic said that the current guidelines regarding the consumption of fruit and vegetables are mostly focused on physical health, not on mental health. Mujcic also conduct studies in order to examine the choices of society regarding fruits and vegetables.

"The result is that the more you mengonsumsinya, the more good results, but there is also an optimal points. Eat five fruits and veggies (per day) makes us very happy, "said Mujcic told Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio (ABC).
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