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Minister Susi Love Tempe Mendoan

For the matter of food, the Minister of marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti turned  resep kue pukis lembut out to be very fond of tempe mendoan. (Read: Susi Prefer Watches, Hermes Bags Instead.) "Bu Susi really like tempe mendoan. Wherever went, if a news tempe mendoan, mindlessly certainly melahapnya, "story Rustika Herlambang to Tempo, Saturday, November 1, 2014.

Rustika, former journalist magazine goddess, with Susi. He had accompanied the resep pastel goreng keluarga nugraha  village home of Pangandaran Susi, West Java, told Tempo.

"If an early breakfast in Pangandaran, he always choose traditional foods: black coffee, tempe mendoan and macaroon. He's not awkward to eat local this menu with gusto, "said Rustika. (Read: At The Fish Auction, Susi Asked For Black Coffee.) As for making the menu at home, Susi has chefs who faithfully serve him.

Rustika tells the chefs at home was named Susi Franco, Italy people. Franco became a mainstay of Susi for cooking and serving meals at her house. (Read: Ex-Husband: Minister Susi Really Antique.) "Franco's Chef's daily menu served at the home of Bu Susi," said Rustika.

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