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Warung "Keflavík Pepes" Mbah Im

Talk food in Jogja, gudeg generally people will call. Because the menu with gori (nangka muda) cooked muaniss this is known generally as special food of Yogyakarta. Ready-to-eat fruit, or to place the hand. But, if you are observant, and painstaking culinary variations in Jogja actually so rich. One resep gado gado boplo  of them is Assorted Warung Pepes Ikan Mbah Im.

Founded about 10 years ago, a variety of Stalls Pepes Ikan Mbah Im arguably "Keflavík" ikan pepes in Yogyakarta. Almost all kinds of fish available in this diwarung pepes. Call it salmon, tilapia, Golden, anchovy, boiled fish and mackerel. Guanajuato menu of clams, shrimp and squid are also available. Even if there also blessed the fish egg pepes, and certainly available is pepes know.

According to its resep pempek palembang ricke  owner, faith, with the goal of making stalls Wahyudi special pepes ikan this is not without reason. He saw in Yogyakarta that provides similar menus rarely. If there is an open business stall feeding or fish restaurants, most of which is a type of fried or grilled fish dishes.

After deciding to open stalls pepes ikan, Mbah Im-so man the Faculty of philosophy at GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY alumnus is commonly called, was assiduously studied. Criticism and input from friends, customers or people who stop by and sample the cuisine, he never sepelekan. Fish raw materials keeps plus so that more and more complete.

Assorted Pepes Ikan Mbah Im there are 10 years older. Initially there is on Jalan Kaliurang. About two this year, moved into The theater of a student Army Km 7 or in the North of the Hotel Hyatt about 100 yards away.

The way the force the army Student Km 7, No. HP: 081328 050 677. The Hyatt Hotel to the left about 500 metres north of the road.
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You can select menus all-round pepes. There are about 19 pepes are ready before eaten. In between, the pepes bawal, pepes gourami, pepes nila, pepes bloat, pepes shrimp, Grouper, snapper pepes pepes, pepes tengiri, pepes cob, pepes ikan mas, pepes clams and fish eggs peps. For vegetarians, there's tofu and mushroom pepes pepes. Typically, not only be enjoyed on-site, many buyers are searching for pepes to be enjoyed at home. Or for gift shop.
Opening Hours

Assorted Pepes Ikan Mbah Im starting open 10.00 – 20.00.

Starts from IDR 10 thousand.

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