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Tricks Of Cooking So That The Nutrients In Vegetables Is Not Damaged

Many people prefer to cook your own rather than having to buy out. Cooking at home is often considered healthier because we can choose their own ingredients – raw material. But have you ever wondered what the process of  resep cireng khas kota bandung cooking can destroy nutrients in vegetables?

The answer is, Yes. Cooking certainly could damage the nutrients of vegetables. Therefore we must be wise in choosing a good cooking methods. If you know the trick, the cooking process can be precisely improved nutrition food raw material.

One type of food is more nutritious vegetables when cooked the tomatoes. The antioxidant content of likopen in tomatoes will become more terkonsentrat resep bakwan jagung paling enak  when it's cooked. Likopen itself is very famous for which lower the risk of cancer.

So it's like if the  cooking process that can destroy nutrients in vegetables? If you love to cook it yourself at home, avoid boiling, steaming, or cooking sayan in any way in a very long time.

Cook in a dingkat just so that the nutrients in vegetables is not lost. Some cooking techniques you can choose is sautéing with oil heat in a short time or boil vegetables without the need to get overcooked.

When you can eat the fruit and vegetables raw, it is also a good idea. The origin of vegetable and fruit you are sure the pesticide-free seta already washed up clean, konsumsilah both of them slavishly.

The cooking process can indeed damage the nutrients most vegetables. Therefore we have to be more careful in cooking so don't get the basic ingredients of healthy food we already select precisely into deep, not again

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