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Fresh Spicy Si Pecak Gurame

Surefire TIPS for those who want to go on an adventure in the Woods Sangga Buana.Don't forget to bring a supply of sufficient food and drink. However, if there is not enough time to prepare it, needs no am. Betawi is indeed quite thick atmosphere felt in the Middle Reef, South Jakarta, the Sangga Buana is located, until Cinere, Depok.Not only offers the atmosphere of a jungle village, but also its culinary richness.

Along the way resep rendang padang restoran sederhana the Central Coral Kingdom fairly easily find a place to eat that offercuisines Betawi. One of  them is the kitchen of the Betawi. This restaurant is pretty well known and perhaps become a lover of the archipelago. The cuisine on offer, among other things, the Cork pucung, pecak gurame, besan, vegetable and vegetable asembetawi.

The kitchen area of the Betawi has two branches, namely at the Reef Central, precisely  resep es buah selasih in the corner of the road junction in the direction of Villa Cinere Mas, and in the wayChili V.

Cork pucung similar rawon. Cut the head, body and tail of the fish served whole Corkin the marinade is black. Served with sliced fresh chives, the aroma was tempting.When the broth is thick, sampled by many savory seasonings tasted fresh. No fishy smell rises while enjoying the spirit of the flesh predators of the river.

It was more surprising taste si pecak gurame. This dish consists of fried dried gurameserved with an orange-colored gravy. Spicy? For Sure. However, a few cloves of rootkeys make gravy that tasted so fresh. Spicy flavour combined with a sour taste, the keyis legit, and savory fried gurame simply wonderful. Nobody will eat it with just enoughportion of rice.

Vegetable besan accompanying no less delicious. This menu is similar to gravylontong sayur, lontong or ketupat but without. The contents of this vegetable is the potato, glass noodles, terubuk, Huntersville, and ebi. Terubuk or similar vegetables likeegg cane sugar cane have been rare. Vegetable called besan ordinarily because itterhidang the kawinan-in-law's family entertaining event. Due to the exceptional taste and quality ingredients, it is always maintained. Betawi indeed kagak TUH ade matinye

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