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When "The Duck" Stormed The City

Let's jog jog, luscious duck meat in a number of places to eat in Jakarta and its surrounding areas. We head to the Kaleyo Duck Stall in Menteng Bintaro Sector 7. A diverse menu of duck are offered in an atmosphere of the airy restaurant, withwooden furniture that is not crowded, combined modern architecture building resto.

From many choices eating a fried duck crispy duck, may be the first choice because itis presented separately from sambalnya. So crispy fried duck terhidang, on top of a plate layered a piece of banana leaf that directly spreading the aroma of savory.Imbuhannya, basil leaves and cucumber pieces.

Muscle fiber and meat stuck to resep minuman segar untuk berbuka puasa the sternum tergoreng crisp, crunchy, savory, butdoing his meat without fatty software be bitten. Chili sauce for a flavorful sauce of onions that menu could be diimbuhkan as you wish, and the spiciness is quitepungent, spicy flavor that made love. Green chili sauce are served without oil, and spicy green chili by the smell of typical pulsing hungry. If there is not enough greensambal,  resep bakpao isi daging ayam paling enak onion-scented sauce shall be diimbuhkan.

We moved to the duck Rice Mak Isa stall in East Jakarta. In stall pioneered this 1990start Aisha You designate them as eating meat duck, piquant-savoury sauce combined with warm nan spicy. In addition to meat duck sauce accompaniment, choice, indeed a mainstay dish. Duck rice Mak Isa uses the local ducks. "We supplied five differenttraders," said Umar M (38), eldest son of the famous or Aisha Hj as Mak Isa, the owner of the stall.

Every day the duck Rice stalls Mak Isa spent no less than 400 tail duck which isprocessed into a savory duck meat. To complement the duck meat, public spending200 kilograms of rice and 30 pounds of chili for chili sauce. What is the recipe of the delicacy duck Mak Isa? He uses freshly killed ducks, a duck is not frozen.

The ducks could indeed be treated with a variety of dishes and flavors. Of course it is meant to meladeni a diverse consumer tastes anyway. For those of you who want to enjoy processed meat duck, fine dining menu of simply not serious, but also as amenu of snacks, such as duck spring rolls and dumplings, duck Stall Yu ' Tien on the streets of Jakarta Raya, South Cipete, providing snacks and meat-based meal menu isalso duck.

Invade and spread

Jakarta granted including "poor" in the Affairs of the peritikan. Data from theDirectorate General of livestock population numbers recorded a duck in DKI Jakarta by 2013 "only" 23.244 tail. Is very small compared to the total population of ducks in 33 provinces to reach the 46.312.661 tail.

Luckily there is a rush of ducks from the area including the cultivation of fertileperbebekan. West Java, for example, became the largest producer of duck, the tail8.943.189. Then Central Java with 5.713.260 tail 4.001.671 tail and East Java.

Duck-a duck that's inviting areas of urban cities. The duck spread to various parts of the city. Fried Duck venture Slamet once H is only open in Kartasura, Sukoharjo, West of the town of Solo, Central Java, has been reaching out to Solo, Yogyakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Bandung and Jakarta. No fewer than 20 branches spread across the cities.

Kaleyo duck, besides in Jakarta, Bekasi, also spread and Tangerang. For that every daythe duck Kaleyo duck tail of composes approximately 1,000. Hendry Prabowo, owner of Kaleyo, Duck, duck-duck explains that proffered to consumers in various corners of the Jabodetabek after seasoned, then diungkep for several hours.

"We spend up to eight boxes of meat ducks per day. Each box is enough for 200servings, "said Joko Rinenggo, Area Manager of duck Kaleyo Cempaka Putih. Duckmeat ingredients in broiler ducks Kaleyo Ducks use, supplied from outside the region,such as Bradford, Pemalang, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

In Jakarta and jammed, Business Manager eating duck-based creative must bebersiasat. One of them is an alias of the messaging system delivery Duck Rice traveledGinyo in numbers North In Tebet, South Jakarta. Simply pick up the phone, duck-the duck was delicious it glides with the lincahnya between the city and congestionimmediately present it to the front of your home or Office. Minimum order for Rp200,000 plus shipping costs of Rp 10,000. Ginyo Duck rice with the price per packageRp 23,000 for a menu like fried, roasted duck, crispy duck, also of balado, and sambalijo duck and duck mercon nan steady with a sense of spiciness.

Enter the Mall

The ducks also got big malls in Jakarta. One of them is The Duck King, an orientalrestaurant. First open at Senayan Trade Center (STC) in early 2003, now The Duck Kinghas had no fewer than 21 branches in Jakarta and several other cities.

Quite in demand. Erwin Agus, Assistant Manager of The Duck King, Senayan City, Jakarta, explain, every day, we feature the ducks arriving about 300-400 people. "If the weekend could be a stamping

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