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The floating along Taliwang chicken

Visit to Lombok, ill-fitting feels otherwise tasting Chicken Taliwang. Local specialties of this one being the most sought after culinary tourism in the city of Lombok.Restaurants in Lombok are vying this serves as the main menu. Kompas.com evertasted one of the restaurants that serve this taliwang chicken menu.

Of the many restaurant, Brasserie  resep pie susu buah and Lesehan Taliwang Kingdom h.m. such waschosen on the recommendation of Moerad Fakhrurozi the tour guide. "This (thechicken restaurant taliwang) which is the most crowded and most tasty here," said Ojiwhen we finally arrived at the restaurant, Friday (13/12/2013).

After a few minutes, an already-awaited taliwang chicken finally arrived. Of course, this chicken was  resep dadar gulung isi vla buah  apparently really inviting. The black colour is browned because ourmessage is the kind that grilled chicken honey. In addition, there are also other typessuch as chicken pelecingan, chicken, spicy sweet chili chicken, grilled chicken, five soy sauce, fried chicken and fried chicken sour.

The first impression when tasted this chicken, sweet and savory taste is the menjejalitongue. The sweet taste, it is likely to come from the dibaluri to the honey chickenbefore roasting process. Meanwhile, savory Chicken skin came from a successfulbaked with pas, not overcooked and charred, but also not too raw.

Sweet and savory flavors that were then combined with similar peanut sauce whichwas pretty spicy. As a result, a sense of sweet, savory and spicy blend into one, giving rise to its own delights. Taste the chicken's seeming taliwang floating along on the tongue and head.

In addition, it also feels taliwang chicken very soft when chewed. This, according to theFakhrurozi natural, because the chicken is a chicken that was young. "So this actuallykill taliwang chicken breed chicken-ayanm is here," joked the Oji.

Friend chicken taliwang

Speaking of taliwang, chicken does not taste right if not also discuss his best friend,pelecing kangkung. Pelecing also includes one of lombok's cuisine is much sought after for culinary lovers. This food was stir-fried mixed with other ingredients such asbean sprouts, peanuts, shredded coconut, and sambal. All the ingredients are stirredinto one to create that taste clear water spinach is much different from the cuisine of the sprouts in General.

But it's not just that the secret ingredient mixture. According to Oji, the plant sproutsthat are used are also different from the plant sprouts in General. This type of water spinach planted and can only be obtained in Lombok. Ipomoea aquatica has a fresherflavor and can be stored in a longer time.

When tasted, Kompas.com approve speech Oji. This feels very fresh water convolvuluswhen chewed in the mouth. Because its bigger and thicker, Ipomoea aquatica has amoisture content that is more so a fresh sensation is felt. Its alloys with a pretty spicysambal also adds fresh sensation of it.

Honey Coconut Ice

Once satisfied eating a chicken roasted honey taliwang, dessert is served with honeyback. Again, this dish is also a typical dish that can only be found on Lombok. If in other areas, young coconut ice usually added a sweetener in the form of brown sugar,white sugar, or white milk, Lombok has a different way. They sweeten the es kelapa muda with honey. And be a young coconut ice, honey. As a result, the honey for asuccessful mingle with young coconut ice.

The original taste of young coconut ice is less sweet, successful dipermanis with honey. But the resulting honey sweetness also does not eliminate the freshness that is owned by a young coconut ice. Well, for this last menu, you can try to make yourselfat home. The reason, both coconut and honey used coconut and honey is not special.The prices are quite affordable as perfecting a third food delicacy.

Taliwang chicken can be obtained at a price of $ 38,000. Meanwhile, pelecingkangkung valued at Rp 10,000. If you want to enjoy it with rice, simply add Rp 8,000.For the honey coconut ice as the lid, food can be had at a price of $ 18,000.

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