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Skipjack Tuna, The Object Of Kampung Girian

SMOKE billowing resep empek empek kapal selam super nikmat  between roof-roof House in Kelurahan, Kecamatan Top Girian Girian, town of Bitung, North Sulawesi. A group of workers were busy processing fresh tuna. Their hands deftly disposing of fish bone, shredding, put up a bamboo frame, and then mengasapkan the fish.

About 75 percent of the population in this village of fogging search-eyed fish. Then, it was known as kampung kampung skipjack tuna skipjack tuna or fufu asap. There are about 20 small entrepreneurs who are members of group effort struggled with livelihood of fogging of the fish. resep tumis kangkung ala warung makan One place of business every day can produce about 200 kilograms of tuna.

Skipjack tuna fishery commodities is one catch from the waters of North Sulawesi. Among the many types of fish, such as tuna fish and malalugis which is also the usual smoked tuna, the most known delights. The http://rajaresep.soup.io  usual smoke cooked Skipjack typical deep fried with chilli mix Manado, cooked in coconut milk, shallots, and cooked pampis (Skipjack shred).

Place of business in the village Of skipjack tuna-producing Girian per day for sale to markets around the North Sulawesi province, Bitung, Minahasa, such as Manado, Tomohon to. Skipjack fufu became one of the preferred souvenirs Manado.

In addition to being sold in the market, this smoked fish can be found in the store in the past, and gift shop. In fact, the most typical restaurants of Manado in Jakarta bringing Skipjack fufu of Bitung.

Skipjack effort fufu home canning go hand in hand with the efforts and modern fish processing in factories with export scale in the area Madidir, the town of Bitung

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