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November 02 2014


Minister Susi Love Tempe Mendoan

For the matter of food, the Minister of marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti turned  resep kue pukis lembut out to be very fond of tempe mendoan. (Read: Susi Prefer Watches, Hermes Bags Instead.) "Bu Susi really like tempe mendoan. Wherever went, if a news tempe mendoan, mindlessly certainly melahapnya, "story Rustika Herlambang to Tempo, Saturday, November 1, 2014.

Rustika, former journalist magazine goddess, with Susi. He had accompanied the resep pastel goreng keluarga nugraha  village home of Pangandaran Susi, West Java, told Tempo.

"If an early breakfast in Pangandaran, he always choose traditional foods: black coffee, tempe mendoan and macaroon. He's not awkward to eat local this menu with gusto, "said Rustika. (Read: At The Fish Auction, Susi Asked For Black Coffee.) As for making the menu at home, Susi has chefs who faithfully serve him.

Rustika tells the chefs at home was named Susi Franco, Italy people. Franco became a mainstay of Susi for cooking and serving meals at her house. (Read: Ex-Husband: Minister Susi Really Antique.) "Franco's Chef's daily menu served at the home of Bu Susi," said Rustika.

Warung "Keflavík Pepes" Mbah Im

Talk food in Jogja, gudeg generally people will call. Because the menu with gori (nangka muda) cooked muaniss this is known generally as special food of Yogyakarta. Ready-to-eat fruit, or to place the hand. But, if you are observant, and painstaking culinary variations in Jogja actually so rich. One resep gado gado boplo  of them is Assorted Warung Pepes Ikan Mbah Im.

Founded about 10 years ago, a variety of Stalls Pepes Ikan Mbah Im arguably "Keflavík" ikan pepes in Yogyakarta. Almost all kinds of fish available in this diwarung pepes. Call it salmon, tilapia, Golden, anchovy, boiled fish and mackerel. Guanajuato menu of clams, shrimp and squid are also available. Even if there also blessed the fish egg pepes, and certainly available is pepes know.

According to its resep pempek palembang ricke  owner, faith, with the goal of making stalls Wahyudi special pepes ikan this is not without reason. He saw in Yogyakarta that provides similar menus rarely. If there is an open business stall feeding or fish restaurants, most of which is a type of fried or grilled fish dishes.

After deciding to open stalls pepes ikan, Mbah Im-so man the Faculty of philosophy at GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY alumnus is commonly called, was assiduously studied. Criticism and input from friends, customers or people who stop by and sample the cuisine, he never sepelekan. Fish raw materials keeps plus so that more and more complete.

Assorted Pepes Ikan Mbah Im there are 10 years older. Initially there is on Jalan Kaliurang. About two this year, moved into The theater of a student Army Km 7 or in the North of the Hotel Hyatt about 100 yards away.

The way the force the army Student Km 7, No. HP: 081328 050 677. The Hyatt Hotel to the left about 500 metres north of the road.
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You can select menus all-round pepes. There are about 19 pepes are ready before eaten. In between, the pepes bawal, pepes gourami, pepes nila, pepes bloat, pepes shrimp, Grouper, snapper pepes pepes, pepes tengiri, pepes cob, pepes ikan mas, pepes clams and fish eggs peps. For vegetarians, there's tofu and mushroom pepes pepes. Typically, not only be enjoyed on-site, many buyers are searching for pepes to be enjoyed at home. Or for gift shop.
Opening Hours

Assorted Pepes Ikan Mbah Im starting open 10.00 – 20.00.

Starts from IDR 10 thousand.

Nutritionist: Eggs Are Safe When Consumed Per Day

A nutritionist from Nourish School, Washington, United States, Casey Seidenberg said there is no reason to avoid eggs in our daily menu. Moreover, because of the fear of fat. Completely safe for egg eaten per day.

Besides has many benefits for health, another advantage of the egg was still tasty and fresh by any means though. Soft-boiled, boiled until cooked, scrambled (scrambled egg), dadar, to be a complement to the more menu.

The Protein has a resep batagor bandung super enak ole of some 20 percent for the formation of a healthy body, including to the health of hair and skin structure. The egg also has an enzyme that allows the important chemical reactions in the body, and serves as a neurotransmitter, helps transfer information into the brain. In addition the protein also provides about 10 percent of the body's energy.

One egg has 6 grams resep soto daging sapi nikmat sekali  of protein, including all of the amino acids in the proper ratio, so that our body can make full use of these nutrients.

The recommended protein intake is 46 grams for females and 56 grams for men. Eggs also contain vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants. Egg dishes are sugar-free and carbohydrate.

Seidenberg announced himself as a fan of the eggs. He never missed a day without eggs, including his time in coffee.

Here are some facts about eggs:
• Yellow and white egg protein.
• The U.S. produce 75 billion eggs a year for consumption.
• Egg provides long-lasting energy, because it consists of a mixture of protein and healthy fats.
• Fresh eggs are able to survive in the refrigerator for six to eight weeks.
• Egg proved to contain a variety of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, low cholesterol and low in saturated fat

Tricks Of Cooking So That The Nutrients In Vegetables Is Not Damaged

Many people prefer to cook your own rather than having to buy out. Cooking at home is often considered healthier because we can choose their own ingredients – raw material. But have you ever wondered what the process of  resep cireng khas kota bandung cooking can destroy nutrients in vegetables?

The answer is, Yes. Cooking certainly could damage the nutrients of vegetables. Therefore we must be wise in choosing a good cooking methods. If you know the trick, the cooking process can be precisely improved nutrition food raw material.

One type of food is more nutritious vegetables when cooked the tomatoes. The antioxidant content of likopen in tomatoes will become more terkonsentrat resep bakwan jagung paling enak  when it's cooked. Likopen itself is very famous for which lower the risk of cancer.

So it's like if the  cooking process that can destroy nutrients in vegetables? If you love to cook it yourself at home, avoid boiling, steaming, or cooking sayan in any way in a very long time.

Cook in a dingkat just so that the nutrients in vegetables is not lost. Some cooking techniques you can choose is sautéing with oil heat in a short time or boil vegetables without the need to get overcooked.

When you can eat the fruit and vegetables raw, it is also a good idea. The origin of vegetable and fruit you are sure the pesticide-free seta already washed up clean, konsumsilah both of them slavishly.

The cooking process can indeed damage the nutrients most vegetables. Therefore we have to be more careful in cooking so don't get the basic ingredients of healthy food we already select precisely into deep, not again

Want To Live Happy? Rajinlah Fruit and vegetable

In the Middle you now feel unhappy in life, do not merely grieving. Slowly but surely try diligently to get used to eating vegetables and fruit.

Yes, vegetable and  fruit that is known to effectively nourish the body turns out to be also able to make your mood better. It was revealed through research in Australia whose results were announced on Wednesday (22/10/2014).

Results of the research it  resep bubur sumsum lembut dan manis mentions eating lots of fruits and vegetables can make people happier.

A study by the University  Queensland (UQ) involving more than 12,000 participants also concluded consuming eight servings of fruits and vegetables, or more, per day improves mental health.

UQ health economics  resep lidah kucing khas lebaran researcher Dr. Redzo Mujcic said that the current guidelines regarding the consumption of fruit and vegetables are mostly focused on physical health, not on mental health. Mujcic also conduct studies in order to examine the choices of society regarding fruits and vegetables.

"The result is that the more you mengonsumsinya, the more good results, but there is also an optimal points. Eat five fruits and veggies (per day) makes us very happy, "said Mujcic told Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio (ABC).
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October 07 2014


Fresh Spicy Si Pecak Gurame

Surefire TIPS for those who want to go on an adventure in the Woods Sangga Buana.Don't forget to bring a supply of sufficient food and drink. However, if there is not enough time to prepare it, needs no am. Betawi is indeed quite thick atmosphere felt in the Middle Reef, South Jakarta, the Sangga Buana is located, until Cinere, Depok.Not only offers the atmosphere of a jungle village, but also its culinary richness.

Along the way resep rendang padang restoran sederhana the Central Coral Kingdom fairly easily find a place to eat that offercuisines Betawi. One of  them is the kitchen of the Betawi. This restaurant is pretty well known and perhaps become a lover of the archipelago. The cuisine on offer, among other things, the Cork pucung, pecak gurame, besan, vegetable and vegetable asembetawi.

The kitchen area of the Betawi has two branches, namely at the Reef Central, precisely  resep es buah selasih in the corner of the road junction in the direction of Villa Cinere Mas, and in the wayChili V.

Cork pucung similar rawon. Cut the head, body and tail of the fish served whole Corkin the marinade is black. Served with sliced fresh chives, the aroma was tempting.When the broth is thick, sampled by many savory seasonings tasted fresh. No fishy smell rises while enjoying the spirit of the flesh predators of the river.

It was more surprising taste si pecak gurame. This dish consists of fried dried gurameserved with an orange-colored gravy. Spicy? For Sure. However, a few cloves of rootkeys make gravy that tasted so fresh. Spicy flavour combined with a sour taste, the keyis legit, and savory fried gurame simply wonderful. Nobody will eat it with just enoughportion of rice.

Vegetable besan accompanying no less delicious. This menu is similar to gravylontong sayur, lontong or ketupat but without. The contents of this vegetable is the potato, glass noodles, terubuk, Huntersville, and ebi. Terubuk or similar vegetables likeegg cane sugar cane have been rare. Vegetable called besan ordinarily because itterhidang the kawinan-in-law's family entertaining event. Due to the exceptional taste and quality ingredients, it is always maintained. Betawi indeed kagak TUH ade matinye

When "The Duck" Stormed The City

Let's jog jog, luscious duck meat in a number of places to eat in Jakarta and its surrounding areas. We head to the Kaleyo Duck Stall in Menteng Bintaro Sector 7. A diverse menu of duck are offered in an atmosphere of the airy restaurant, withwooden furniture that is not crowded, combined modern architecture building resto.

From many choices eating a fried duck crispy duck, may be the first choice because itis presented separately from sambalnya. So crispy fried duck terhidang, on top of a plate layered a piece of banana leaf that directly spreading the aroma of savory.Imbuhannya, basil leaves and cucumber pieces.

Muscle fiber and meat stuck to resep minuman segar untuk berbuka puasa the sternum tergoreng crisp, crunchy, savory, butdoing his meat without fatty software be bitten. Chili sauce for a flavorful sauce of onions that menu could be diimbuhkan as you wish, and the spiciness is quitepungent, spicy flavor that made love. Green chili sauce are served without oil, and spicy green chili by the smell of typical pulsing hungry. If there is not enough greensambal,  resep bakpao isi daging ayam paling enak onion-scented sauce shall be diimbuhkan.

We moved to the duck Rice Mak Isa stall in East Jakarta. In stall pioneered this 1990start Aisha You designate them as eating meat duck, piquant-savoury sauce combined with warm nan spicy. In addition to meat duck sauce accompaniment, choice, indeed a mainstay dish. Duck rice Mak Isa uses the local ducks. "We supplied five differenttraders," said Umar M (38), eldest son of the famous or Aisha Hj as Mak Isa, the owner of the stall.

Every day the duck Rice stalls Mak Isa spent no less than 400 tail duck which isprocessed into a savory duck meat. To complement the duck meat, public spending200 kilograms of rice and 30 pounds of chili for chili sauce. What is the recipe of the delicacy duck Mak Isa? He uses freshly killed ducks, a duck is not frozen.

The ducks could indeed be treated with a variety of dishes and flavors. Of course it is meant to meladeni a diverse consumer tastes anyway. For those of you who want to enjoy processed meat duck, fine dining menu of simply not serious, but also as amenu of snacks, such as duck spring rolls and dumplings, duck Stall Yu ' Tien on the streets of Jakarta Raya, South Cipete, providing snacks and meat-based meal menu isalso duck.

Invade and spread

Jakarta granted including "poor" in the Affairs of the peritikan. Data from theDirectorate General of livestock population numbers recorded a duck in DKI Jakarta by 2013 "only" 23.244 tail. Is very small compared to the total population of ducks in 33 provinces to reach the 46.312.661 tail.

Luckily there is a rush of ducks from the area including the cultivation of fertileperbebekan. West Java, for example, became the largest producer of duck, the tail8.943.189. Then Central Java with 5.713.260 tail 4.001.671 tail and East Java.

Duck-a duck that's inviting areas of urban cities. The duck spread to various parts of the city. Fried Duck venture Slamet once H is only open in Kartasura, Sukoharjo, West of the town of Solo, Central Java, has been reaching out to Solo, Yogyakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Bandung and Jakarta. No fewer than 20 branches spread across the cities.

Kaleyo duck, besides in Jakarta, Bekasi, also spread and Tangerang. For that every daythe duck Kaleyo duck tail of composes approximately 1,000. Hendry Prabowo, owner of Kaleyo, Duck, duck-duck explains that proffered to consumers in various corners of the Jabodetabek after seasoned, then diungkep for several hours.

"We spend up to eight boxes of meat ducks per day. Each box is enough for 200servings, "said Joko Rinenggo, Area Manager of duck Kaleyo Cempaka Putih. Duckmeat ingredients in broiler ducks Kaleyo Ducks use, supplied from outside the region,such as Bradford, Pemalang, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

In Jakarta and jammed, Business Manager eating duck-based creative must bebersiasat. One of them is an alias of the messaging system delivery Duck Rice traveledGinyo in numbers North In Tebet, South Jakarta. Simply pick up the phone, duck-the duck was delicious it glides with the lincahnya between the city and congestionimmediately present it to the front of your home or Office. Minimum order for Rp200,000 plus shipping costs of Rp 10,000. Ginyo Duck rice with the price per packageRp 23,000 for a menu like fried, roasted duck, crispy duck, also of balado, and sambalijo duck and duck mercon nan steady with a sense of spiciness.

Enter the Mall

The ducks also got big malls in Jakarta. One of them is The Duck King, an orientalrestaurant. First open at Senayan Trade Center (STC) in early 2003, now The Duck Kinghas had no fewer than 21 branches in Jakarta and several other cities.

Quite in demand. Erwin Agus, Assistant Manager of The Duck King, Senayan City, Jakarta, explain, every day, we feature the ducks arriving about 300-400 people. "If the weekend could be a stamping

Spicy Sour Kaledo Typical Hammer

Vacationing to other cities, lack seems fitting if not tasting the local cuisine. That isdone when getting the chance Travel Compass visit several cities, including Palu,Central Sulawesi.

Ask people around, even with the accompanying driver over on the hammer, it turnsthe typical culinary of this seaside town is kaledo. Kaledo or digadang-gadang as an abbreviation of "foot ox donggala".

Kaledo is arguably the cow foot stew. Cow foot bones are cooked until tender plusvarious spices. Such as tamarind, cayenne pepper and salt. The broth is clear but the seasoning on the gravy is very strong.

Some of the stalls resep roti goreng isi coklat manis  have been famous kaledo Hammer, one of which is in Stereo KaledoJalan Diponegoro No. 40. One of the officers of Kaledo Stereo, Arni, saying howunique kaledo consuming hence named the House packed with ' stereo '.

"There is no stereo mono.  resep pepes tahu udang lezat Because of its need to use two hands held in the bone sothe name stereo instead of mono, "said Arni.

Yes, this is indeed the way eating kaledo is unique. Cuts of beef served with leg bones.So eat it must hold the bones for later dicuili meats that are stuck to the bone.

Kaledo is best eaten with white rice warm. Lemon was given as extra gravy soup. The meat is very tender and kaledo which not less making gravy soup is delicious. The broth is very fresh with a dominant taste sour and spicy.

If your lucky, you can get the sum-sum. Well, how to eat sum-sum more unique again.You will be given a straw to SIP some meat sum-sum which is within bone. Sruup ... the sruup ... the favor once.

But if you do not want to bother eating kaledo berepot from his bones, restaurantsalso provide meat that has been cut into kaledo. According to Arni, the meat is usuallyserved cut into kaledo for children.

The restaurant is open from Stereo kaledo 09.00 until 22.00. The price offered for a single serving of kaledo is $ 50,000. As for the meat cut kaledo for Rp 25,000. Kaledotruly scrumptious ... ...

The floating along Taliwang chicken

Visit to Lombok, ill-fitting feels otherwise tasting Chicken Taliwang. Local specialties of this one being the most sought after culinary tourism in the city of Lombok.Restaurants in Lombok are vying this serves as the main menu. Kompas.com evertasted one of the restaurants that serve this taliwang chicken menu.

Of the many restaurant, Brasserie  resep pie susu buah and Lesehan Taliwang Kingdom h.m. such waschosen on the recommendation of Moerad Fakhrurozi the tour guide. "This (thechicken restaurant taliwang) which is the most crowded and most tasty here," said Ojiwhen we finally arrived at the restaurant, Friday (13/12/2013).

After a few minutes, an already-awaited taliwang chicken finally arrived. Of course, this chicken was  resep dadar gulung isi vla buah  apparently really inviting. The black colour is browned because ourmessage is the kind that grilled chicken honey. In addition, there are also other typessuch as chicken pelecingan, chicken, spicy sweet chili chicken, grilled chicken, five soy sauce, fried chicken and fried chicken sour.

The first impression when tasted this chicken, sweet and savory taste is the menjejalitongue. The sweet taste, it is likely to come from the dibaluri to the honey chickenbefore roasting process. Meanwhile, savory Chicken skin came from a successfulbaked with pas, not overcooked and charred, but also not too raw.

Sweet and savory flavors that were then combined with similar peanut sauce whichwas pretty spicy. As a result, a sense of sweet, savory and spicy blend into one, giving rise to its own delights. Taste the chicken's seeming taliwang floating along on the tongue and head.

In addition, it also feels taliwang chicken very soft when chewed. This, according to theFakhrurozi natural, because the chicken is a chicken that was young. "So this actuallykill taliwang chicken breed chicken-ayanm is here," joked the Oji.

Friend chicken taliwang

Speaking of taliwang, chicken does not taste right if not also discuss his best friend,pelecing kangkung. Pelecing also includes one of lombok's cuisine is much sought after for culinary lovers. This food was stir-fried mixed with other ingredients such asbean sprouts, peanuts, shredded coconut, and sambal. All the ingredients are stirredinto one to create that taste clear water spinach is much different from the cuisine of the sprouts in General.

But it's not just that the secret ingredient mixture. According to Oji, the plant sproutsthat are used are also different from the plant sprouts in General. This type of water spinach planted and can only be obtained in Lombok. Ipomoea aquatica has a fresherflavor and can be stored in a longer time.

When tasted, Kompas.com approve speech Oji. This feels very fresh water convolvuluswhen chewed in the mouth. Because its bigger and thicker, Ipomoea aquatica has amoisture content that is more so a fresh sensation is felt. Its alloys with a pretty spicysambal also adds fresh sensation of it.

Honey Coconut Ice

Once satisfied eating a chicken roasted honey taliwang, dessert is served with honeyback. Again, this dish is also a typical dish that can only be found on Lombok. If in other areas, young coconut ice usually added a sweetener in the form of brown sugar,white sugar, or white milk, Lombok has a different way. They sweeten the es kelapa muda with honey. And be a young coconut ice, honey. As a result, the honey for asuccessful mingle with young coconut ice.

The original taste of young coconut ice is less sweet, successful dipermanis with honey. But the resulting honey sweetness also does not eliminate the freshness that is owned by a young coconut ice. Well, for this last menu, you can try to make yourselfat home. The reason, both coconut and honey used coconut and honey is not special.The prices are quite affordable as perfecting a third food delicacy.

Taliwang chicken can be obtained at a price of $ 38,000. Meanwhile, pelecingkangkung valued at Rp 10,000. If you want to enjoy it with rice, simply add Rp 8,000.For the honey coconut ice as the lid, food can be had at a price of $ 18,000.

Skipjack Tuna, The Object Of Kampung Girian

SMOKE billowing resep empek empek kapal selam super nikmat  between roof-roof House in Kelurahan, Kecamatan Top Girian Girian, town of Bitung, North Sulawesi. A group of workers were busy processing fresh tuna. Their hands deftly disposing of fish bone, shredding, put up a bamboo frame, and then mengasapkan the fish.

About 75 percent of the population in this village of fogging search-eyed fish. Then, it was known as kampung kampung skipjack tuna skipjack tuna or fufu asap. There are about 20 small entrepreneurs who are members of group effort struggled with livelihood of fogging of the fish. resep tumis kangkung ala warung makan One place of business every day can produce about 200 kilograms of tuna.

Skipjack tuna fishery commodities is one catch from the waters of North Sulawesi. Among the many types of fish, such as tuna fish and malalugis which is also the usual smoked tuna, the most known delights. The http://rajaresep.soup.io  usual smoke cooked Skipjack typical deep fried with chilli mix Manado, cooked in coconut milk, shallots, and cooked pampis (Skipjack shred).

Place of business in the village Of skipjack tuna-producing Girian per day for sale to markets around the North Sulawesi province, Bitung, Minahasa, such as Manado, Tomohon to. Skipjack fufu became one of the preferred souvenirs Manado.

In addition to being sold in the market, this smoked fish can be found in the store in the past, and gift shop. In fact, the most typical restaurants of Manado in Jakarta bringing Skipjack fufu of Bitung.

Skipjack effort fufu home canning go hand in hand with the efforts and modern fish processing in factories with export scale in the area Madidir, the town of Bitung
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